Golf Putt Perfect - The First Step to a Great Putt

"I use the iOver Golf App in conjunction with the SAM PuttLab to help my students to put their eyes directly over the golf ball when putting. I believe that the address position is critical in allowing you to make a more effective stroke. It is so effective that most of my students end up downloading the app after our session. I think it is a great tool to help you improve your putting."
David Ayres, Lowcountry Custom Golf


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Key Features

  • Align Anytime - You always have your iPhone with you!

  • Know for Sure - Alignment is exact and perfect.

  • Inexpensive - You can't buy a mirror for $0.99!

  • Fast - It only takes about 30 seconds to align your eyes using the app.

  • Repeatable - You can use it every time before you play.

Reviewers Love iOver Golf!

"I love the iOver Golf App"

"I love the iOver Golf App. It is a quick an easy way for my students, especially my junior golfers, to learn to put their eyes over the ball when putting. And they can use the app at home when they are on their own. Great app." ---- Kevin Britt, PGA Professional, Nominated for both the Carolinas PGA Teacher of the Year and the Carolinas PGA Junior Golf Leader of the Year.


"excellent tool to have in your arsenal."

If you are a passionate golfer who is always trying to take your game to the next level, iOver Golf is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal. ----Tucker Cummings,


iOver Golf App


The iOver Golf App was created to provide a simple and effective way to golfers to align their eyes exactly over the golf ball while putting.